Classic Chevrolet Nomad – Ultimate Station Wagon

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Classic Chevrolet Nomad is an ultimate station wagon which turned the station wagon stereotype on its ear due to its utterly looks. There was a time when American car manufacturers were doing well that suddenly one of them could create a model based on customers needs. And as a result, they launched Chevrolet Nomad. The reputation of Chevrolet in 1952 was pretty well much like it is now and it is known to be the leading car manufacturer. The difference between now and then model is that early fifties of Chevrolet was the sales leader of America with which most of the customers will love to have in today’s model. American cars lack a lot of things like great styling and great engineering. The combination of great hitching and great pitching is definitely going to win you a variety of ballgames. Charlie Wilson, the president of GM asked Tom Keating, the division head that what exactly he needed and Tom replied “give me Ed Cole”. Ed Cole was a genius in plotting high compression V8 engines and he was assigned to
run things in Cleveland. After some time Cole was moved as post of chief engineer in Chevrolet and he was planning a high compression 265 cubic inch V8 engine.

Classic Chevrolet Nomad is a full size model which lacks vitality in Harley Earl’s studio. No head of division wanted to take chance on two seat roadster which had been designed with British Sports cars. It looks a little gamble without rolled-up windows. There was another model being launched in a car show called Chevrolet Corvette. The styling of Classic Chevrolet Nomad work looks good with new design of Chevrolet’s 1955 Bel-Air model. The Nomad is one of the best classic cars of the era with its single eyebrowed headlights and slightly bulbous hood. The Nomad touches which were wrapped round the glass, fluted rear roof section and forward slanting tailgate and vertical chrome strakes gives this car a distinctive styling.

The low range models like Bel-Air Nomad are the prettiest cars of bunch. The Classic Chevrolet Nomad was available for the price of $2571 which is $300 expensive than conventional Bel-Air Beauville four door station wagons and Bel-Air convertible. The new two-ten Handyman two door station wagon is $500 cheaper. The four door wagons will definitely carry the Nomad’s name as they are more successful.

Classic Chevrolet  car is a two-door ultimate station wagon which comes with unique style and more reminiscent hardtop sedan instead of standard station wagon.

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